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Bowling Expert Shares Safety Tips for Andrew Bynum & Pro Athletes

It is my duty as the Editor and Chief of BlackSportsOnline to not just provide insightful sports and sports entertainment news, but also to be help those in need.

Andrew Bynum is in need, so I brought in Bowling Expert Ron Hickland to give Bynum and other athletes some Bowling safety tips.

Many pro athletes enjoy bowling as a leisurely activity in their down time and don’t assume there could be risk for injury. Though several activities are prohibited in standard NBA player contracts as well as in other leagues, bowling is not one of them.
A common reason for knee injury when bowling is not using house bowling rental shoes. People that bowl in socks are prone to over slide on the approach, fall off balance, and put strain on the knee. This can cause injury. Bowling in street (tennis) shoes forces you to stop immediately, and will put all of the forward momentum of the bowler and the ball on the knee of the bowler. Bowling in street shoes can also leave marks on the bowling approach.
Here are the top three things I recommend pro athletes be watchful of when bowling:
1. Stay behind the foul line. There is a clear invisible type of oil past that point and it is very slippery and it can make you fall. A more common situation that happens is that the bowling approach is suppose to be clean and dry, but can be become tacky if any liquids gets on the approach or on the bottom of the shoe. If this happens the bowlers will go to slide in the final step and will stick immediately. This will put tremendous strain on the knee.
2. Never put your hand in or around the ball return. There are lots of moving parts inside of it and a ball can eject from the return and cause your hand to get pinched between another ball. Be cautious in that way. Nagging, aggravating pain from a hand, finger, or wrist injury could impact a pro athlete in any sport.
3. Wear the house bowling shoes. They are made with felt on the bottom to help the bowler gradually slow down thus reducing the strain on the knee. Moisture is bad for bowlers’ shoes. It can also be picked up in the settee area where food and drinks normally are. Be careful when in these areas and make sure that your shoes are clean and dry every time.
Bowling is fun for pro athletes but the dangers involved not always visible, might put extra stress and pressure on a pending injury, and could threat an otherwise healthy career in sports.
Submitted by Ronald Hickland, Jr. Twitter: @rhickland
Facebook: Ronald Hickland
Hope that helps to avoid this.