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Broner vs. DeMarco: Preview Of The Battle On the Boardwalk

Adrien “The Problem” Broner has been labeled many things in the past few months.

Brash, cocky, arrogant, the next big thing, what he has not been labeled though, is someone who can take a punch.

Tomorrow night at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall, we will see if Broner can actually take a punch in the main event, as he takes on the WBC lightweight champion of the world, Antonio DeMarco.

Both fighters looked confident and in shape at today’s weight-in.

Broner and DeMarco both weighted in at 134.5 pounds.

Broner will enter the ring against someone who is not intimidated by style, or boxing ability.

DeMarco will be searching for an elite level win, and the opportunity to quiet one of the biggest talkers in the game today.

Broner has said all the right things leading up to tomorrow night’s showdown.

“I have been training very hard. I want to thank DeMarco and his team for taking the fight and coming to the U.S. to fight me. I know he is a great champion. He is ready and I am ready. It is going to be an electrifying fight and I am ready to go.”

“Legacy is very important. It always starts locally. If you don’t have a big name in your hometown, how do you expect to have a name anywhere else? I am trying to go global here”

“DeMarco is definitely my best opponent so far on paper. It is the biggest fight of my career thus far. I am not looking past anyone. I have to take it one fight at a time.”

“I am ready to show my talent. I think this is a fight that I will be able to show a lot more of my skills. In my last fights, even though some of my opponents were ranked, after fighting me, they got downgraded because of my high skill level.”

DeMarco for his part thinks this bout will determine his long term standing in the division.

Four of his last five bouts have ended in knockout, with impressive victories over Jorge Linares, and John Molina.

Broner will definitely be DeMarco’s most dangerous and talented opponent.

Antonio DeMarco like Broner was especially gracious with his comments regarding his opponent as well.

“I am very well prepared because I know Adrien is extremely talented and a great fighter.”

“I feel that every opponent of mine is a worthy one and I respect anyone I step into the ring with. This fight is very important for my career as well as for Broner’s career.”

“I’ve faced undefeated boxers in the past and I have learned my lessons. I’m coming into the fight ready. I’ve been defeated in the past and that experience has helped me to be ready to succeed this time.”

Without a doubt, one of the most important keys to the fight will be which fighter maintains their confidence in the face of the adversity that will come.

DeMarco has maintained in recent interviews regarding the bout, that not being the favorite, has allowed him to feel confident, and in most of his bouts, when he’s not the favorite, he usually performs well.

The Pace of the bout will also dictate who comes out with his hand raised.

Broner likes to be move at a slow, deliberate, defensive pace, and it will serve DeMarco well to pressure Broner with a constant output of punches throughout the evening.

DeMarco needs to pressure Broner, yet still be able to maintain an adequate amount of power as the fight progresses.

You would have to assume that Antonio DeMarco is the stronger puncher and more powerful of the two men, and it will be imperative for him to display those characteristics to Broner early.

Part of showing Broner he is the stronger boxer, will be for DeMarco to focus on the body immediately.

If he can score points early working Broner’s body, he’ll be able to eventually take some of the speed and quickness from Broner towards the latter rounds, and apply the pressure at even more rapid pace.

My money is on Adrien Broner in this fight.

For all of Antonio DeMarco’s positive, and his ability, it is hard to discount Broner’s natural athletic ability, his defensive prowess, and above all his want to be great.

Adrien Broner understands the time and the moment.

He is aware of the comparison to Floyd Mayweather Jr, but also cunningly aware of Floyd’s age and his impending demise.

Money cannot fight forever, and their needs to be a star with mega swagger there to take his place.

Adrien Broner shows his grit with a hard fought decision against a fighter he might actually see again.

Tune in to HBO at 10:00 pm EST to find out.

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