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Pilar Sanders Divorce Lawyer Pete Schulte Shot At While In Office

It’s hard out here for a defense or divorce attorney.

Fox 4 in Dallas is reporting that a CBS radio building had multiple shot fired at it and upon its windows.

The bullets reportedly went through the outside panes of glass on two floors of the 12 story CBS radio building.

One of the windows belong to KLRD newsroom and the other belong to Peter Schulte, who happens to be the divorce lawyer for Pilar Sanders.

Yes that Pilar Sanders who happens to be the estranged wife of Deion Sanders.

Shulte is a former police officer now turned attorney.

Shulte said the gunfire startled and scared him.

“It sounded like a rifle.  It was clearly a loud bang, and as soon as I heard the loud bang the glass shattered in my office.”

“If it happens in the middle of the night that’s one thing, but I sit in this office every day.  To have a gunshot in the middle of the afternoon with so many cars passing by, that’s unnerving.”

Shulte believes the shots came from the central expressway.

Authorities said the double pane glass stopped the bullets and no one was hurt.

Shulte admitted that if the bullet had made it through window, it likely would have hit him in the head.

He said he hoped the gunfire was random, but authorities have no idea who the target was.

Shulte is known to represent many high-profile clients.