Cowboys Jerry Brown Who Was Killed in Tragic Car Accident Was About to Be a Father – BlackSportsOnline
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Cowboys Jerry Brown Who Was Killed in Tragic Car Accident Was About to Be a Father

This is such a tragedy.

As we reported earlier Cowboys Jerry Brown died in a single car accident where his teammate Josh Brent was the driver.  Brent has been arrested on DUI Manslaughter.

One thing people don’t understand about sports are there are so many players who are just fighting to stay on a roster and trying to live their dreams of being a professional athletes.

You don’t see them on Sportscenter or in a bunch of commercials they are just athletes who are hoping for an opportunity.

Cowboys Jerry Brown was one of those guys. An undrafted linebacker out of the University of Illinois who fought his way to the NFL by playing in the Arena league and hanging on to roster spots with the Colts and then the Cowboys. As we get older we start to have a different perspective on life and things that were important to us before aren’t as important.

Brown had just turned 25, but it seemed that he was coming to a point in his life where he was ready to settle down. Reading this Facebook post just from a few days ago just broke my heart.

From personal experience I can tell you how having a child specifically a daughter can slow you down regardless of the situation that she comes into this world.

My heart breaks for the little girl who will never know her father, because of a terrible decision by Jerry Brown’s teammate Josh Brent to drink and drive.

My prayers go out to her and everyone who is hurting over Jerry Brown’s death.