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Texas Recruited Heisman Finalist Johnny Manziel as a Defensive Back

Now that Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel is finally able to talk to the media, we are getting answers to some of the questions that we’ve had since Manziel burst onto the scene back in September.  One of the first questions that many people had regarding Johnny Manziel was “how did quarterback-challenged Texas let Manziel go to A&M?”  Per the Dallas Morning News, Manziel offered some clarity to that question when he joined the Dan Patrick Show and said:

“I actually called them (Texas) and expressed interest to them and let them know just how much I wanted to be a part of that program,” Manziel said. “It really didn’t work out and everything happens for a reason in my eyes and that door didn’t open for me for a reason.”

“They were recruiting me more as a defensive back, something that was fine with me at the time because there were schools that were throwing that out there,” he said.

*Mack Brown wipes egg off his face*.  In Brown’s defense, few people could have imagined this kind of immediate success for Manziel.  With that said, if Texas continues to win between 6-8 games a year with quarterback play that is mediocre at best, Brown will have to answer for letting Texas-bred quarterbacks like Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III play their college ball in College Station and Waco instead of Austin.