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Two Philly Men Shot by Teens Over Bulls vs. Sixers Argument on El Train

Sad story, but one we have been hearing more and more often. An older gentlemen in a Bulls jacket is on the El Train when two teenagers start giving him a hard time.

At this point according to Lieutenant John Walker the older gentlemen and another man on the train try to defuse the situation.

“The 35-year-old says ‘listen man, this train’s filled with people, there’s young kids, there’s ladies in here, you need to watch your mouth young boy.’ Of course, that escalates it a little further and we have a 30-year-old male who’s on the train, who’s behind the 35-year-old who says ‘listen it’s not worth it, these young boys, just let’s cool out,’” Walker explained.

Things calmed down a bit, but as the teens exit the train is when it gets out of control.

Walker says when the train stopped at the 46th and Market stop, the teens got off the train, and one of them turned and fired a shot into the train-car. The bullet hit both the 35-year-old and 30-year-old.

Walker says the 35-year-old was hit in the stomach and the bullet exited through his back. That bullet then struck the 30-year-old victim in the leg.

The 35-year-old man is in critical condition at the hospital while the 30-year-old man is in stable condition. When you in your 30s that isn’t old, so I can see not letting some teenagers talk to you any sort of way, but what you have to understand is some people just don’t value human life and it is best to just ignore them.

There were kids and innocent bystanders on the train who could have been hit by stray bullet. It just isn’t worth it. I hope they catch the shooters and put them in jail for a long time because that is where they belong.

Video of the shooting is now available courtesy of Deadspin.