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Manti Te’o Agrees to On Air Interview With Katie Couric

Manti Teo Liar

The ESPN off air interview was a sham, so Te’o will give it another shot, this time on air with Katie Couric according to TMZ.

Te’o and his parents will sit down with Couric and once again try to explain away the web of lies he has been telling for months about his fake dead cancer girlfriend.

ABC News says that the interview will air on Thursday.

My personal opinion is the more that Te’o talks the deeper the rabbit hole will get.  I think most people believe he was duped in some shape, form or fashion, but on the flip side of that Te’o milked the attention for all it is worth even after he knew his girlfriend wasn’t real.  He admitted to ESPN that he lied to his parents and media about meeting this woman.  He admitted several red flags about the woman, such as she would never show her face on Skype.

While all this was happening Te’o was proclaiming this fake girlfriend was the love of his life while also dating a new woman at the same time.

There are still a ton of questions, we will see if if Couric gets some real answers.