Brandon Rios Calls Adrien Broner A B*tch, Fighters Throws Jabs On Twitter – BlackSportsOnline
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Brandon Rios Calls Adrien Broner A B*tch, Fighters Throws Jabs On Twitter


Shots are being fired by two men that are starting not to like each other, and would it would make one hell of a fight.  Former WBA lightweight champion Brandon Rios sent out a tweet  Adrien “The Problem” Broner yesterday at it wasn’t pleasant.

It started when Rios made these comments about Broner to Boxing Scene in which he calls Broner a bitch.

“That’s stupidness because this mother****r acts like he’s on top of the world. He hasn’t really done sh*t. He’s fighting little motherf****s. Midget motherf****s is who he’s fighting. He fights little f**kers that actually hit him without power. Imagine if I hit him with those type of shots [Rees] hit him with. I think he would’ve been done. Me and Lucas Matthysse or even Danny Garcia would f***ing hurt this guy. He’s stupid” Rios would tell BoxingScene.

“He thinks he’s the next Mayweather. He ain’t no Mayweather,” Rios told Boxingscene. “It showed that night [against Gavin Rees]. With a little midget with no power hit him, and if that was Mayweather in that situation, that would never happen. So this motherf****r ain’t no Mayweather. He’s stupid.

“And he asks ‘Brandon who?’ If he don’t know who the f**k I am then I think he’s in the wrong sport because everybody knows who I am. So it’s kind of stupid for this guy to say that sh*t. He looked retarded for saying that. Ignorance, he’s a fu**ing ignorant dude. But you know what, I bet you anything if I go [up to him] face to face he won’t say sh*t. Look what [Robert] Guerrero did; he bitched him out. Made him look like a bitch in front of the cameras! ‘I still got my 0″, that’s all he could say. ‘I still got my 0’. What does the 0 matter if you fu**ing [have] not challenged the best. I want the best. I don’t care if I have an 0 or not, I want the best. That’s who I want” declared Rios.

Broner then responded.

“look Lil dude I dont [sic] care what you talkin just keep winning I respect you as a fighter but don’t talk sh*t fool I will crush U”

Rios then responded via Twitter, and it got serious from there.



The Problem of course wasn’t going to let that slide.



Of course because one is promoted by Top Rank and the other Golden Boy, that fight will never happen, but shots have been fired.