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New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans To Cut Prices on 81% of Seats

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The New Orleans Hornets are making the big transition to the Pelicans, and a part of that involves the soon to be reduced price of season tickets.

USA Today has reported that prices will be slashed for as many of 81% for season tickets holders. 13,598 out of 16,769 seats will be discounted come next season. Team vice President Ben Hales issued the following reason for the sharp slash in prices

“It’s counter-intuitive in a way; we’re doing what most teams don’t do,”

“We’re renovating our arena, we’re giving more options and we’re reducing prices. We’ll be able to show every one of these people that three years ago, you sat in this seat, this is what it costs now. You’ll have an option. And we laid it out for (current holders) if you love this seat you have now, you’re going to spend less for it. If you’re comfortable spending the money that you are right now, and you want to move up, here are what your options are for that as well.”

The Hornets have fallen on hard times of late, and are just now recovering from having been taken over by the league due to slumping attendance and interest.

New owner Tom Benson took over last spring, and since then the Hornets have acquired Anthony Davis as the number 1 overall pick in the draft. The Hornets have moved full speed  ahead in their renovation, and doing whatever it takes to fill the seats in the arena.

Smart move by the franchise, hope it pays off.