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Broncos Reportedly Interested In RB Rashard Mendenhall

Pittsburgh Steelers v New Orleans Saints

Willis McGahee is 31 and coming off a serious knee injury, so the Denver Broncos are trying to find some insurance for their running back.

The Denver Post is reporting that the Broncos are interested in the services of  former Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall.

Rashard Mendendall, who at 25 years old and with two 1,000-yard rushing seasons will be one of the youngest and most accomplished running backs to hit the free-agent market Tuesday, has drawn interest from the Broncos.

The level of the Broncos’ interest in Mendenhall is difficult to gauge. They have a menu of 12 to 15 free agent players who they believe could fit their roster under the right circumstances and for the right price. While contacting agents of these free-agent players, the Broncos to date have said little more than they have some interest and they’ll back to them later.

Mendenhall definitely makes sense, because he’s the kind of 225 pound bruiser of a back that the team needs.