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Royce White: 4 Kids, 3 Baby Mamas, No Condoms, Requests His Ass Gets Ate

Royce White Rockets

I sympathize with anyone who is dealing with a mental health disorder. I have had close friends and family members, that deal with such disorders, so I know it can be socially crippling.

I am sure, Royce White has some sort of anxiety issue,  but I also believe, he uses that as a crutch to act like a spoiled child.

Any time there is a “Groupie Tale”, you have to take the information on both sides with a grain of salt and then make an informed decision what you want to believe. I will give you my thoughts (sometimes in BOLD), of what I think of the situation and try to break down what is really going on.

We will start with a letter that Full Court Pumps received, from Royce White’s alleged 3rd Baby Mama.

“I’ve been dealing with Royce White for a minute and he’s a joke!!! He wants everyone in the league to have sympathy for him for his “anxiety” but the only anxiety he has is not knowing how to pull out. The first time we had sex he NEVER even strapped up and this was our first time sleeping together.

Ok, let’s start here.  This is called blame deflecting.  First, if Royce White is a joke, what does that make you for sleeping with him?  Secondly, if this is your first time sleeping with a man, he refuses to use a condom, there is no law that says you have to have sex with him.  She didn’t so please stop looking for sympathy.

Not my thing to do or anything, but he’s weird and likes to ask girls to eat his ass. I looked at him like he was craaaaazy.

You notice, she didn’t say if she did it or not, meaning she probably did.

Well fast forward to now and I am 5 weeks pregnant with his child. When I told him I was pregnant, he made it seem like I hopped on top of myself and got pregnant and then said he didn’t want me to have it because of his other kids. He already has 2 other children by two different women, one is 2 and the other is 2 1/2. Not surprising.

We called that the CROMARTIE.  The blame is 50/50 when your decided to let someone Shawn Kemp you.

I’m just frustrated now bc he’s blaming me for being pregnant. Just wanted to let u know and let any future or current girl dealing with him to know what kind of guy he is. I also sent you screenshots to his response when I told him I was pregnant. Thanks and wish I found your site much sooner!”

Let’s take a look at those screenshots shall we?

Royce White Texts

Royce White Texts 2

We don’t know if these screenshots have been altered in any way, so please keep that in mind.  If you take them at face value, the irony of him calling her immature is laughable.  Now, maybe he believes she is lying, but he doesn’t seem that overly concerned about being the father, of his alleged 3rd child.

This isn’t unusual, I am sure text messages like that happened all the time, between athletes and young women.  When you don’t use a condom or some form of birth control, these things happened.

Baller Alert then tracked down one of Royce White’s other baby mamas and she didn’t have anything flattering to say about him either.

Royce White Baby Mama

So, now we have a possible 4th child in the mix and two women pregnant at the same time. For someone with anxiety issues Royce White gets around.  The woman also points she believes that women are having babies by Royce White to be a meal ticket, this leads me to believe this women aren’t very bright.  Use GOOGLE it is your friend.

After hearing the slander about him, Royce decided to speak about it on Twitter.

Royce White Twitter

To summarized the entire situation, we have a 21 year NBA player, who held his team hostage for half of the year, complaining about a mental disorder that I don’t personally believe is as bad as he says it is. We know he already has two kids that were born withing 6 months of each other, two more possible kids on the way, at least two women, calling him a deadbeat father and he is currently playing in the D-League.

I repeat he’s 21 years old.

Maybe, I would have an anxiety disorder too, if I had to deal with all this.