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Showtime Interested in Floyd Mayweather Being a “Gambling Analyst” on Inside the NFL

Floyd Mayweather Throne

Floyd Mayweather as the next Jimmy the Greek? We all know that Floyd likes to gamble and post winning tickets on his various social media accounts.

We also know that Mayweather is a master self-promoter, who has just milked Showtime/CBS out of millions of dollars. If you are Showtime/CBS you have to get some bang for your buck.

The problem with boxing is that one punch can change a whole career and the contract that Mayweather has, won’t look too good for Showtime/CBS, if he takes a loss within the next 30 months.

So, the best thing for them to do, is try to make as much money as they can off Mayweather, in the shortest period of time.  So, it makes sense they would try to get him on as many platforms as possible.

Larry Brown Sports, points out one of the ways they may do that.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, executive vice president and general manager of Showtime Sports Stephen Espinoza is also planning to incorporate Mayweather into other popular programs like “Inside the NFL.”

Espinoza is reportedly looking give “Inside the NFL” more of an edge, and one idea that has been floated around would be Mayweather appearing on the show for a regular gambling segment.

It doesn’t matter the industry, you want crossover appeal.  If I am writing about sports, but MTV wants me to do something for them non-sports related, that can only help me gain a wider audience.  So using Mayweather outside of the boxing realm, is good for Floyd and also good for Showtime/CBS because it brings his fans over with him.

I don’t think the NFL would like it that much, since they try to act like gambling doesn’t exist  but I think it would be a prudent move for Showtime/CBS.