Rockets Royce White Allegedly Paid $20k For Woman to Have Abortion (Photos) – BlackSportsOnline
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Rockets Royce White Allegedly Paid $20k For Woman to Have Abortion (Photos)


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One small problem for Royce, the woman in question didn’t have the abortion and is now boasting about keeping the money.  Don’t know about you, that would cause me some anxiety.

Unclear which Baby Mama this is (5 claim to have children by him), but she told her story to Full Court Pumps, my comments as always are in bold.

After the last time you posted the story Royce was upset but not for long. 1. Still was getting tickets to Houston (the picture is attached from the itinerary.

Royce used Expedia, so at least he has some Dollarnaire tendencies. Expensive flight though, might want to try Priceline next time, you can name your own price.

2. Phone calls and texts were still being answered (unlike his “BFF” who’s pregnant and blocked on twitter)

After one of the baby mamas told Royce she was pregnant, he figured he could get rid of her, by blocking her on Twitter.

3. He sat there and trash talked his other baby mom, apparently there’s a possibility of two other men to be the baby father of that one, so at least he may not have 5 kids on the way.

Royce is choosing some quality women, might have to go on Maury.

My problem is the Mother f*cker had the audacity to try to pay me to get an abortion. I went along with it And what I did was keep the money, all $20,000. And I’m keeping the child. And my message to Royce: No abortion was conducted this morning. Thank you for providing funds so I can get started on my nursery.

Sounds like an outstanding mother.

I am starting to think Royce’s anxiety issues have more to do with women, than any disorder, if that is the case, doesn’t make him any different from the other million guys in the world.

Except he doesn’t want to get on plane, but he will fly you out.

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