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The Absolute Best Mobile App to Help You to Stay on Top of The NBA Playoffs

LeBron Melo

With only a few days left in the regular season, the NBA playoffs are about to heat up. Kobe and the Lakers have a few games left to win to make good on Kobe’s playoff promises. The Knicks are coming in on fire and the Heat are looking to defend their crown.

With so many playoff games being played over two months, it can be tough to keep track of all the games and and great plays. We found an app for iOS and Android that is the absolute perfect way to make sure you know when the game is on, what channel it’s on and when it’s getting exciting.

Take a look at Thuuz. The Thuuz app is probably the best sports app on the market. Thuuz uses data to show which upcoming games have the best chance of being great games. And then as the game is happening the app will send you alerts telling you to drop what you’re doing and get to a TV for the action.

The Thuuz Game Guide – Imagine if your cable guide was only sports, and only the sports you like. This is what Thuuz brings to the table. Each day you can look at your guide and get a cheat sheet of all the great games that will be on that day.


When the game is on, you’ll get alerts to your phone when it’s getting exciting. The Thuuz app will then tell you where to watch the game, if the game is available through your cable provider and even which sports bars near you might be showing the game.


Thuuz is truly the best app you haven’t downloaded onto your phone yet. Download it now on your Android or iPhone and stay on top of the NBA playoffs.