Woman Claims She’s Carrying Royce White 5th Child; He Blocks Her On Twitter – BlackSportsOnline
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Woman Claims She’s Carrying Royce White 5th Child; He Blocks Her On Twitter

royce white baby mama 5Royce White may have a fear of flying, but he does have a fear of condoms and birth conceptions. It appears he is about to be the not so proud father of yet another child by a female claiming to be his “friend”, according to FullCourtPumps and BallerAlert.com.

Im writing you because I’m very frustrated. I didn’t want to speak up but at this point enough is enough.

I met royce white back in January in LA on a set for a video blog we shot for a charity organization. Instantly the chemistry was there and we hung out in la (he was there for the Dr Phil taping). We kept in contact, we would text each other EVERYDAY, face time, all that and we called each other best friends.

I visited royce in Houston for all star weekend and down in McAllen while he was playing for the D League. I even hit the road with him in his RV as we traveled across the country to his away games while he was with the Vipers. I was even with him when news broke out that he had multiple women pregnant. He was very upset when your blog put that article out. It affected his anxiety tremendously.

the last encounter royce and I had, I became pregnant and I found out shortly after my last visit with him. He has blocked me on twitter and stopped answering my calls and texts. Royce white did a complete 180 and now I don’t exist to him but I’m left with this difficult situation at hand to handle on my own.

I will hoe ever defend myself and say i am not like those other girls we were friends before anything and I’m hurt and confused as to why I am now being treated like this. I’m not here to bash royce. He was a nice guy. He is just going about this the wrong way. U can’t turn your back to this

I have attached us and the RV he rides in to verify my story.

royce white baby mama 5 bus

The sympathy card has run its course with these females and their athletes.  Although I feel sad for the child, let’s be honest who didn’t foresee this coming? Friend or not you should have known better. Secondly if you’re smart enough to go to a media site to tell your side of the story, why not go on the media site or Google and do your research before having unprotected sex with a man you clearly don’t know.

If this is the game you choose to live by you can’t cry foul when you become victim of a pathetic sperm donor athlete. Now the only thing you can do is put on your big girl panties on , raise this child, and hope at the time of birth Royce still has a little income in the bank for child support. However since you’re now baby mama number five I seriously doubt there will be that much D League money to pass around.

Word of wise an athlete is the same as a man with no money. If you would use protection with average Joe at the club you should certainly use protection with an athlete. As for Royce, there are no words for him so I will remain silent. Eventually, or hopefully, one day he will become a man and see what he is doing to his self and his alleged children. 21, no income, and five kids, he may not feel the pain now but eventually he will.  Until then girls and guys wrap it up.