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Michigan’s Mandated Ten Year Dissociation From Chris Webber Ends


Former Fab Five member and Wolverines star Chris Webber is free to return home if he so likes.  According to Thacover2, the 10 year dissociation that the University of Michigan had with Webber, Maurice Taylor, and Luis Bullock has ended.

The three former Wolverines now will have to want to reconnect with the school. And the institution has to welcome them back as after they took part in one of the biggest scandals in NCAA history.

Current Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon insisted the door is open for the three to return.

“I’ve never met any of those guys, and I am looking forward to meeting them,” Brandon said late Tuesday night in an interview with The Associated Press. “If any of those guys are interested in meeting with me, that would be great.”

When that face to face with those players is expected to take place is anybody’s guess.

I don’t see much movement and I don’t see the sense of urgency at all,” fellow Fab Five member Jalen Rose told the Detroit News. “I see a line in the sand that was drawn basically saying if Chris doesn’t apologize, they’re going to punish everybody else.”

Rose reiterated that the ball is in Michigan’s court.

“It’s not on Chris; it’s on Michigan,” Rose said. “They can choose to acknowledge what we accomplished regardless of what he does.

“If it’s not something that affects their bottom line, they’re not going to be in a rush to act.”