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Report: Knicks Willing to Re-Sign JR Smith For 4 More Years

JR Smith Yearbook Quote

Nothing personal against JR Smith who has said he would like to retire as a Knick, but some players just aren’t championship style players. I think JR Smith is a good player, but you can’t depend on him to be your #2 on a championship team.

He isn’t D Wade, Russell Westbrook., Tony Parker or Manu Ginobili. This has nothing to do with his clubbing, but he is a player who shoots and misses a lot, plus he makes a lot of boneheaded mental mistakes at critical times.  He is like the bootleg, store brand version of Carmelo Anthony.

The Knicks need a legitimate star to pair with Melo and JR is best suited to come off the bench in limited minutes to provide offense, but not someone expected to carry the load, if Melo is having an off night.

According to the NY Post, the Knicks are willing to pay JR Smith $5 million a year on a new deal, that will max out around $20 million over 4 years. Maybe JR could squeeze out some money somewhere else, but he loves the NYC spotlight and the attention it brings him.  Most club hoppers are attention whores, Rihanna isn’t clubbing in Milwaukee.

So, be prepared Knicks fan for another 4 years JR Smith, hope you have refilled your blood pressure medication.