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Adrien Broner’s Biggest “Problem” is Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner Paulie

For a moment ignore all the silliness that led up to the Paulie Malignaggi vs. Adrien Broner this past Saturday. Just concentrate on the fight and what you saw with your eyes.

What you should have seen was a past his prime boxer with no power almost steal a victory, just because his opponent rather clown around instead of being a professional.

Adrien Broner’s “big brother” is Floyd Mayweather, but there is one thing he hasn’t learned from Floyd. Regardless of what you think about Mayweather’s lifestyle, when it comes to inside the ring, he is all business. No one who works harder at his craft.

Yes, Mayweather plays hard, but he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t do drugs and he doesn’t do anything that would affect him inside that squared circle.

Mayweather success is partly god given talent, but it is also his boxing intelligence. Broner has the talent, but not the intelligence. It was fairly obvious that Paulie was going to try to use Broner’s arrogance and immaturity against him. Broner seemed to forget for half the fight that it doesn’t matter if the punches aren’t hurting you, if you aren’t throwing any punches, you won’t win any rounds. If they scored rounds on talking to your opponent while in the ring, then Broner would have won in a shutout, but that wasn’t the case.

Adrien Broner biggest opponent won’t be Maidana, Matthysse or Garcia, it will be Adrien Broner. There is no way Paulie should have even been in the fight, Broner allowed it and it almost cost him. He can get away with lackadaisical training, partying all night and not taking his opponent seriously when he is fighting the Paulies of the world, but if he doesn’t start taking things more seriously, he won’t be as fortunate in the future.

Broner has been provided with a special gift, we will see if it also becomes his curse.