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Lakers Ranked NBA’s #1 Social Media Fanbase

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors

This is not surprising.

Lakers fans on Twitter and Facebook are a sight to behold. Don’t get into an argument with one, it might be 48-72 hours before it’s over.

Here is how Emory College came up with the list.

The world of social media provides an opportunity to look at fan base support without worrying about capacity or pricing issues. To look at NBA teams “social media equity” we collected follows and likes from Twitter and Facebook. We then created a statistical model that predicts these measures of social media engagement as a function of market size, tweeting activity and team performance for this past season and for the season before that. We then compared each team’s actual follows and likes against the model predictions. This method attempts to control for short term fluctuations in winning percentage and market differences.

Here is the full list for your viewing pleasure.

NBA Social Media List