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Hugh Douglas Pleads Not Guilty to Choking Woman During Rough Sex

Hugh Douglas Mugshot

Douglas doesn’t seem to be denying he choked the woman last month. It appears he is implying that she liked it and now has made up this story in an attempt for a money grab.

Former NFL defensive end Hugh Douglas pleaded not guilty Monday to felony assault and strangulation charges in an alleged attack on his girlfriend in Hartford, after having told police that her neck injuries were from rough sex.

Hartford police said the alleged assault occurred at the Hartford Marriott Downtown hotel in the early morning hours of Sept. 22. The woman, who was not identified, first told police that nothing happened, but then claimed Douglas grabbed her by her neck in a hallway and slammed her against the walls several times while carrying her back to their room during an argument, according to a police report.

Douglas told an officer that the woman’s neck injury was from “rough sex,” the report says.

This one will be hard to call. It is one of those he said/she said situation, that will be difficult for either side to prove.  Douglas’ lawyer says it is just a way for the woman to make some money and that Douglas was a target for his celebrity status.

There is a big difference between rough sex and chokeslamming someone against the wall. Hopefully the truth comes out, if Douglas is guilty he should be punished, but if the woman is lying she should have charges brought against her.

Douglas has been out of work since an incident with Michael Smith at the NABJ conference in Orlando caused his firing from ESPN.