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Bengals Michael Johnson Tells Booing Fans to Leave


In Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns, the Bengals came out flat and quickly found themselves trailing 13-0 in the first quarter causing fans to boo their own team. Fortunately there were still three quarters left to play. Cincinnatti set a franchise record by scoring 31 points in the second quarter and cruising to a 41-20 win over the Browns.

Defensive end Michael Johnson did not appreciate the boos and was adamant about speaking on them via ESPN:

“If you’re not believing and being positive, leave,” Johnson said. “We don’t need you. Because that’s what we’re about around here — staying focused, staying positive and keeping our energy going. Negativity breeds negativity, and we don’t do that around here.”

“I don’t appreciate that,” Johnson said, referring specifically to the boos. “Stay with us and believe with us. That’s what you’re here for. You’re here to support. If something bad happens, that’s not our plan. Stay positive, stay encouraging. We’ll fight. Just stick with us a while.”

The Bengals were coming off back-to-back overtime losses to the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens — two teams that they could have beat. Fans were upset with Andy Dalton for throwing two interceptions in the first quarter, giving him eight picks total over the last three games. It makes sense why they became uneasy so quickly.

Is it me or are athletes getting super sensitive these days? Fans pay a large amounts of money to come and watch them play and have every right to boo if the product on the field is garbage. And calling the Bengal’s first quarter garbage is putting it politely.