Adrien Broner Says He’s Not Changing Lifestyle & You’ll Find Him at the Club – BlackSportsOnline
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Adrien Broner Says He’s Not Changing Lifestyle & You’ll Find Him at the Club

Adrien Broner Struggle

I am not saying Broner needs to be depressed and just stay in the house for the rest of his life, but he needs to understand that his partying ways is one of the reasons he got his butt beat in San Antonio.

But, Broner says he isn’t going to sulk or change his lifestyle.

“I’m not here to make any excuses,” Broner said. “We’re not going to sit in sorrow. We’re still going to live tomorrow like we won the fight. I’m still going to party and have fun. My first afterparty is going to be on Tuesday in Cincinnati. We gonna have fun.”

But, Broner wasn’t done.

“I’m still young, fly and flashy, and still in the game of boxing,” Broner said.

I’ll fight him my next fight, but right now, we’re going to live like we won the fight. If you want me in your club. I will be in your club.”

He repeatedly plugged a phone number at which people could reach him if they wanted to pay him to be in their club.

“We still going to have fun, like we won the fight,” Broner said.

He was then asked if he was going to remain at welterweight, rather than drop back down to lighter weight classes.

“Listen, you know where I’m going to stay,” Broner said. “I’m going to stay in your club if you call me.”

I think Broner is still in a state of denial and hopefully there will be someone to sit him down and tell him to concentrate in the ring first, then the club.