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Lebron James “Theres No Real Rivalries In The NBA”

James, LUCK



Worst part about it, he’s not lying.

Via the Miami Herald, Lebron James spoke out against a hyped up Pacers v. Heat game an hour before and relayed a heavy message… Rivarlies are dead.

“What is a rivalry these days?” James countered when asked if the Heat and Pacers shared a rivalry. “What’s a rivalry? A rivalry is Celtics and Lakers. They met like four out of five years. … Bulls-Pistons. Those are rivalries, man.

“We’ve played these guys two straight years in the playoffs, and guys automatically make it a rivalry. It’s not a rivalry.”

There is no real rivalry in the NBA these days,” James said. “You don’t see the competition enough or play the competition a lot. It’s two really, really good teams that [are] striving to win a championship, but rivalries … there are no more rivalries. There isn’t. It’s the truth. No rivalries.

“Cowboys-Redskins is a rivalry. Ohio State-Michigan is a rivalry. Duke-North Carolina is a rivalry. Bears-Packers is a rivalry.”

There you have it folks. Other NBA players, past and present, have said that the game has become too friendly, no one wants to be the bad guy anymore… everybody are pals. Between commercials, parties, and fashion shows, players are more in competition with the latest fashion sweaters than putting points on the board. Personally since the 1996 draft, players haven’t had that same drive and want to win by any means necessary.
Whether its something the NBA or the players themselves fix, drive needs to come back to the NBA.