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Auburn Wants To Claim Four Extra National Titles

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Right now Auburn has two recognized National Championships in 1957 and 2010. According to their fuzzy logic, they may be able to claim 4 additional titles. Here is how from Athletic Director Jay Jacobs:

“It’s right there, nothing but facts,” athletic director Jay Jacobs tells Auburn Undercover. “It’s awful hard to argue against facts.”

“We’re so competitive. We compare ourselves to other schools,” Jacobs said. “If they’re counting something that we’re not counting, and we’re on equal footing, wouldn’t it be wise to count it?

“I think it’s something we need to consider right now. It’s been talked about here and there, but lets get it out there now and look at it and see what we should do.”

Auburn’s AD seems to have pinpointed 1913, 1983, 1993, and 2004 as the years they can claim. The 2004 one is the most interesting because that’s the year USC beatdown Oklahoma but later had the title stripped.

If Auburn thinks they can gain something from this then I am all for it on comedic value alone. I am sure the Alabama fans will get a kick out of this.