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Wizards Bradley Beal Wore “23” For Lebron James

Beal, Luck


With 11 years out the league Michael Jordan isn’t the forefront of the NBA like he used to be. James, Bryant, Iverson and the likes have become this generations idols and now it seems that they are receiving tribute before the infamous Michael Jordan.

Beal was born in 1993 and during that time it was Michael Jordan’s first retirement. When Jordan last played a game? Beal was just 10 and even then as the BleacherReport said, Beal hadnt witnessed “Flu-Game” Jordan… he was only two. So who did Beal witness to model his game after? None other than Lebron James. When Beal entered the NBA at 19 he gave up the number “23” that hes worn throughout his playing career out of respect for Jordan when playing for the Wizards. On the contrary he let it known that “23” was dedicated to someone else other than Jordan.

“I never watched Michael Jordan growing up,” said Beal, in a recent episode of Wizards Magazine. “I grew up, ‘23’ was LeBron. I always knew about Michael Jordan, but I can’t necessarily model myself after him. I always admired LeBron and the way he played all the time when he was in Cleveland.”

Feel old yet? I remember the “Flu game” like it was yesterday… even though I kinda told you guys my age, its kind of weird seeing kids not mention Michael Jordan anymore but yet instead Lebron James. Yet James deserves that recognition he has taken the NBA by storm and leaving a strong legacy.