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Broner vs. Maidana 2 Will Take Place in April

Adrien Broner Memes 9

There was some confusion about if Broner had a rematch clause or not, most people thought he didn’t, but mysteriously one appeared last night and he exercised the clause (before finding out his baby mama was cheating on him).

Richard Schafer says he will try to make the rematch in April.

“The matchmakers put together the contract. I thought there was no rematch clause, but then afterwards [the matchmakers] are telling me ‘no, there is a rematch clause.’ It was a voluntary defense. There was a rematch clause. Broner exercised it today and said he wants to fight Maidana again,” Schaefer told

“The first fight was a ‘Fight of The Year’ candidate. The boxing world is still buzzing about it. Everybody is still talking about it and you have to hand it to Broner that he wants to go in and set the record straight. These guys do not like each other, in the lead up to the last fight, during the fight. You are going to see a lot of that animosity carried over into the rematch. The big question will be – will it be round thirteen or is it going to be round one. Is Adrien Broner going to make the necessary adjustments to control the hurricane Maidana or is hurricane Maidana going to pick up where he left off. There will be a lot of interesting questions in that fight and it is one of the biggest fights that you can make at this point.”

The rematch could be back in San Antonio (my choice) or in LA. We will keep you updated.