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Davone Bess Arrested For Throwing Coffee at Cop at Airport (Mugshot)


The Mugshot says it all.

According to the report, Bess then took a “fighting stance” … so the cop took out his baton and struck Bess in the leg. 

But the cop says the baton strike had “no effect” — and Bess proceeded to take off his shirt and once again got into a fighting stance.

The cop called for backup … and when help arrived, Bess complied and was taken into custody.  He was arrested for simple assault on an officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The cop says Bess “appeared to be under the influence of unknown narcotic” and “appeared to be looking through me when I was talking to him.”

Bess is obviously going through some sort of Titus Young style breakdown. He left the Browns late in the season for “personal reasons”, but then was told not to come back after a photo of him appearing to smoke weed surfaced during the season.

To make matters worse, another photo surfaced recently posted by Bess with weed on his table. Now, today as he was trying to go through the airport and he gets in a scuffle with security. The airport is the last place you want to get into a fight at.

If he is truly under some mental stress, hope he gets the help he needs asap.