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Joakim Noah Emotionally Distraught Over Bulls Trading Luol Deng


The Chicago Bulls are a very close, tight-knit group of men. So close in fact, that it seems that the Luol Deng trade is taking one member of the team really hard. Fansided reports that days after the trade, former teammate Joakim Noah is emotionally distraught from the fact that he lost his friend to the Cavaliers.

“Jo has been around, he can handle things,” Thibodeau said. “Luol is not the first player that was ever traded from the Chicago Bulls. It’s the same thing when we get a new player, we always embrace whoever that new player is. That’s the way it is. We just focus on our team and improvement.”

Now normally this would be touching bromance story, but let’s pause for a second and realize that Deng did refuse a $30 million extension to stay with the Bulls and Noah. Noah has always been quite the emotional explosion on the court, so I can’t blame him for possibly sitting back and wondering why his Deng left him so. However, when it’s all said and done, the NBA is a business and teammates rarely play their entire careers together. Get it together Joakim.