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Ohio State’s Noah Spence Tested Positive For Ecstacy


I’m not sure how accurate this report is, but Noah Spence might want to watch who he hangs with if it’s remotely close.  ABC 27 in Harrisburg is reporting that Spence was suspended three games for ecstacy use according to his parents.

Spence, a graduate of the powerful Bishop McDevitt program, was suspended for three games, including the Orange Bowl.  His father, Greg Spence, confirmed Noah tested positive for a small amount of ecstasy.

According to the report, it’s standard practice for every player to be drug tested before the Big 10 Championship game.

It’s standard procedure for every player to get tested prior to the Big 10 championship game, and Spence’s family says he was shocked when his drug test came back positive.

The family says Spence unintentionally took the drug when he was given an open drink by people he didn’t know at a party.

His father says the Big 10 originally suspended Spence for one year because they consider ecstasy a performance-enhancing drug. The NCAA considers ecstasy a street drug, which carries a lesser penalty.

The family appealed and the suspension was dropped to three games.

They appealed a second time, but the three-day suspension was upheld.

The Spence family says they also plan to file a lawsuit against the Big 10.

I’m not sure how or why the Spence family would sue the Big 10.  Noah Spence might want to watch who he drinks behind.