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Percy Harvin Doesn’t Believe Saints Targeted Him

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When watching the Saints v. Seahawks play, I couldn’t help but think the Saints were out to make sure Percy didn’t return. Thankfully Percy doesn’t think he was a target, he thought the Saints were doing their job… playing football.

 “Like I said it was just us playing football, it was unfortunate, some of the hits that were caused in the game, but I didn’t think they were targeting me.  I just thought they were playing football.”

“I feel good,” Harvin said.  “It was good to get back out there with my guys.  I don’t think anybody is not feeling good going up to the most prized possession in our profession, the Super Bowl.  Everybody is feeling good, we had a good first couple of days of practice and we’re looking forward to competing.”

When asked about any regrets or missed games during the season, Harvin said he wouldn’t change a thing.

“I wouldn’t take anything back that has happened this year,” Harvin said.  “It’s made me a stronger person.  Like I said it’s definitely been frustrating for a lot of people, not only myself, but for my teammates Doug Baldwin and some of the guys that play my position coming in and out, not knowing when I’m going to be at practice.  So it was definitely frustrating, but like I said it’s all over with now and we get a chance to play for the Super Bowl, so that’s all in the past.”

With a chance a t winning the franchises’ first NFL title, Harvin can be a huge player for his teammate if he’s cleared to play. Having Wilson through a TD to Harvin in the end zone could definitely make it up to fans for his lost time.