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ATL Strippers Suing Over Unpaid Wages

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Strippers are people too….

An increasing number of strip club dancers are filing suits against their employers, claiming they aren’t being paid the wages they are due.

The women are seeking the return of unpaid wages, alleged illegal kickback payments, interest, attorney’s fees and costs. They are also seeking class-action status to cover about 200 more current and former dancers who have worked at the club over the past three years.

The plaintiffs, some of whom have worked at the club since 2009, said their job was to perform as nude dancers and provide other entertainment to customers. They claim the club, however, has classified them as independent contractors rather than employees.

The suit contends that while the dancers are classified as being self-employed, they are treated as employees. Among other things, they are required to work at least three days a week, their costumes and performances are controlled by management, they are required to take breathalyzer tests and must pay kickback fees.

The assessments include a “house fee” per shift worked, a “DJ fee” of 10 percent of tips, 10 percent of tips received for dancing on stage, a manager fee, VIP sales fees, credit card fees, and late-arrival and early-leave fees. Their suit also accuses Diamond of “failing to provide proper time for required lunch and rest breaks.”