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Basketballs Signed By New Commissioner Goes Into Play Tonight



A new era is upon us and Commissioner David Stern has officially left the NBA. Its now day 1 for new commissioner Adam Silver.

Starting Saturday, ProBasketballTalk.Com got a photo of the new basketballs that will be in play starting tonight. The change has said to have been taken place for months dating back to 2013. Along with a new signature, there were other factors made to the Spalding basketball.

– It is the exact same ball as David Stern-signed ball – minus the signature change; made at same factories at same time as current balls.

– Every game ball is factory bounced 50 times and must meet standards for circumference, weight, out of round and rebound.

– Air pressure is checked before game and captains pick from three balls.

– The process for applying Adam’s signature to the official ball began in early 2013. Adam signed two index cards with a Sharpie and selected the best and cleanest version of his signature.

ProbasketballTalk, has also noted that Spalding balls with David Stern’s signature are still available if you’re a collector but hurry and get them as they will be starting to be pulled from shelves soon.