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Joe Theismann Would Love To See Peyton Retire

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With no hint or indication in retiring Peyton Manning has a few critics who think his time is up. While fans want tot see Peyton redeem himself from the Super Bowl, Joe Theismann feels like Peyton proved enough and its time for him to move on.

“I personally would love to see him retire,” Theismann told “Amani and Eytan” on NBC Sports Radio Monday. “I think that what he can do is take a look at the offseason, figure out what you want to do — because remember now, he’s going to be a year older — I don’t know what the physical beating is like for him. I’m not sure exactly where he is in that situation, but I do know one thing — his arm is not going to get any stronger going forward.”

“You have to look at what happened (for him) with Seattle and say, ‘how many more teams are going to want to try and attack him that way? And will the Denver Broncos be able to do the things they want to do?’

“I think Peyton still has gas in the tank. It’s not like it’s over for him. It’s just that he’s done so much. I don’t believe his legacy was affected at all in this game. I think if he won it, his legacy would be enhanced. But I don’t believe that we should look at Peyton Manning and think anything less of what he accomplished.”

There have been recent reports of different NFL teams looking to emulate Seattle’s defensive tactics and recruitments. I can definitely see Theismann’s point, Peyton is getting older and with defense’s hits getting more physical, its going to get worse. On the contrary, the Super Bowl cant be Peyton’s last go, he lead a great team there and I truly think he can do it again. I don’t believe his legacy was tarnished or finished. There are no reports of Peyton retiring.