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Metta Says Melo Shouldn’t Give A Sh*t Like Kobe

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The Knicks have been battling a tough season with Felton on gun charges and the team seeming to be falling apart, Metta World Peace thinks its time for Carmelo to step up like… Kobe?

NY Daily News spoke to Metta World Peace after his exit with the Knicks and they didn’t let him leave New York without a few pointers for the Knicks going forward.

“Carmelo said the other day that he didn’t know I was unhappy but that isn’t true. I was never unhappy,” Metta told The News. “I never once complained about not playing. I never once went to Mike Woodson to ask him why I wasn’t playing.”

“Kobe doesn’t give a (bleep), he just wants to win,” Metta said. “Melo needs to be more demanding and he needs to see results. The only difference between him and Kobe is that Kobe saw results. When Kobe said something people did that (stuff). Carmelo has no choice but to make it his personality because he’s a great player. There are not too many guys like him.”

 “There were times when me and Kobe (Bryant) would be yelling at each other,” Metta said. “I once told the greatest player ever, ‘You suck.’ Our practices got intense and the next day we’d go out and take it out on the other team.”

I would agree with Metta, its time for Carmelo to stop being humble and take control of his team, if thats where he chooses to stay.