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Prosecutors Claim Aaron Hernandez Discussed Killings From Jail

AH, Luck

Theres has been a new development in the Hernandez case and Prosecutors think they finally put the nail in his coffin.

From, Prosecutors claimed that Aaron Hernandez used “coded messages” to discuss the killing of Odin Lloyd.

In phone calls from jail, Hernandez discussed “matters directly relevant to the circumstances surrounding the murder of Odin Lloyd; viz: the defendant’s subjective belief about his criminal liability; his use of coded messages to communicate with persons outside of jail; related prior offenses; inculpatory denials of ownership of a vehicle connected with the investigation; the extent of his control over persons charged as accessories; other matters relating to his codefendants, including their whereabouts and likely criminal liability.,” Bristol (Mass.) Assistant D.A. Roger L Michel wrote in his request for tapes of the defendant’s jailhouse calls and visitor records

Hernandez is standing trial for the 2013 murder of his former friend Odin Lloyd. He is charged with first degree murder and weapon charges.