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Rapper Fabolous & Felton’s Boys Talk About His Cheating


My lawyer friend says rap lyrics can be used in divorce proceedings, regardless if they are actually true or not.

The NY Post tracked down these lyrics from Fab about Raymond Felton.

“4 Celtics, Knicks guard, you know Felton,” he sang. “This n—- in Atlanta AirTran her, no Delta. Been naughty all year trying to end it nicely, Summer hoes turning into winter wifeys.”

Cuffin Season

A good lawyer would just say rappers lie all the time in their lyrics, but Felton’s boys seem to be a bit chatty as well.

Felton professed his love in their wedding video: “Beautiful as ever, from the first day I met her. I’m going to take care of her. You have my word. I promise you. No matter what it is, I’m always there for you. I love you.”

Despite being married to a beautiful brunette, Felton has been regarded as a “flirt” and a “ladies man,” friends told The Post.

“He’s an NBA player. He flirts and stuff,” a friend said. “When you’re in a position like that you could get 10 girls per week.”

We reported that Felton may have gotten one of his sidechicks pregnant.

Good luck with all that Raymond.