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Raymond Felton Possibly Got His Side Chick Pregnant

Raymond Felton

Many people were wondering why would Felton’s wife file for divorce after only 19 months? They also wondered why she would go to the police with his gun, when she had to know (she is in law school) it could put him behind bars for a long time?

This is unconfirmed, but several sources (I am sorry to go Broussard on you, but that is all I got at this point) say that Felton maybe pulled a D Wade and got a sidechick pregnant (just not on break). The sources are pretty solid, but it is still just idle chatter at this point, but so was Paul George knocking up a stripper until we found that it was true.

It would make a lot of sense, but stay tune as we try to get confirmation. Here is Jill Munroe and I speaking on the Felton’s drama and how the side chicks might be the cause of it.