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94% Lose Chance at $1 Billion After OSU/Cincy Losses


It didn’t take long for those hoping to win $1 billion dollars from investment tycoon Warren Buffett to be eliminated from contention.

It’s called March Madness because anybody can go down.  And that’s exactly what happened in one of the first games of the tournament when 6th seeded Ohio State University lost to 11th seeded Dayton. Well…there goes 80% percent of the brackets.

But while the remaining 20% were breathing a collective sigh of relief, 12th seeded Harvard completed their own upset over 5th seeded Cincinnati – that left only 5.7% still in the running for a billion.

I’m sure it won’t long to eliminate them either. Remember, the odds of completing a perfect bracket are 1 and 9.2 quintillion.