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Bosh on Pacers Early Season Boasting: They Needed to Calm Down

Chris Bosh Thanksgiving

It is a long season, but we live in a new age media world where we like to crown teams and players far too soon.

There is an ebb and flow to the season and you want to make sure you are trending in a positive direction as the playoffs approach. The Heat still aren’t clicking on all cylinders, but they are much more stable than the Pacers who are imploding. After taking over the top seed in the East, here is what Bosh had to say about what is going on in Indiana  courtesy of Bleacher Report.

“That’s what we’ve been saying for the whole time,” Bosh said. “You know, that’s why when the Pacers were talking, ‘hey, No. 1 seed, home court!’ it’s like, hey, it’s August. Calm down a little bit. We know how it is. We know it’s a marathon. That’s one of the conversations you have to have amongst yourselves, and it’s a reason to go out there and play hard every day. Saying it to everybody, shouting it from the mountain top, that’s not our style.”

“Our work is just beginning,” Bosh said. “Cause, I mean, we can still lose it. We have to keep concentrating on what we’ve been doing, look to see how we can improve our play. We’re gonna have a shot. That’s all we need. One shot.”

Wise words from Christopher.