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Clowney Won’t Hold Anymore Workouts; Says SC Were Losers Before Him

Jadeveon Clowney

I can’t imagine going to a job interview and being asked to perform a task needed to excel at the position and telling them to look at my other work…but then again I’m not a NFL athlete.

After hearing about the knee injury Clemson offensive tackle Brandon Thomas sustained during a NFL workout,  Jadeveon Clowney has decided that he will not workout for anymore teams.  Clowney’s agents have told anyone interested, that has not been able to see the defensive end up close and personal, can refer to the tape from South Carolina’s pro day.

Clowney, of course, thinks he’s more than proved himself worthy of being the number one pick in the draft- even going as far as taking credit for every winning squad he’s been on.

“I can pretty much do it all,” he said earlier this month. “Anything on defense I can help. I can be a playmaker. I am a playmaker. I’ve got what it takes, I believe, to go out there and set the tone for the next guy coming up. And to help my team out winning games.

“Every team I’ve ever played with, we’ve never had a losing season. Never. Before I got there, I watched them lose. Not just here. Back in high school, middle school. I was like, ‘Man, that ain’t going to be my team when I play on that team.'”

I’m quite sure the Gamecocks improved seasons can be attributed to more than just Clowney’s arrival…but that’s just me.

There’s no doubting Jadeveon’s raw talent, but since everything has come so easily for him on the field, viable questions linger about his work ethic.  If he could put those two together, he’d be one of the best defensive ends in the league for years to come.  Only time will tell if he has it in him.