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Cowherd Says Student Athletes Would Spend Salary On “Weed And Kicks”

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Cowherd has been no stranger to the site this week, after he again ripped John Wall for doing to the Dougie four years ago.

As previously stated Cowherd is more than entitled to his own opinion IF and only IF he’s willing to say it to someone’s face. Cowherd opened up his show The Herd by speaking candidly on Northwestern University football players vote to unionize. The topic eventually came back to paying the players, and then Cowherd said the following:

“…I don’t think paying all college athletes is great,  not every college is loaded and most 19-year-olds [are] gonna spend it–and let’s be honest, they’re gonna spend it on weed and kicks! And spare me the ‘they’re being extorted’ thing. Listen, 90% of these college guys are gonna spend it on tats, weed, kicks, x-boxes, beer and swag. They are, get over it! They’re not gonna budget it efficiently, they’re not going to invest it, they’re not gonna shop for the best interest rate for their moped. No they’re not, they’re 19 they just got a fresh Honda, there’s a cute girl in chemistry class, they’re gonna get some new kicks. That’s what they’re going to spend it on.”

Cowherd’s overall point is reasonable and most likely the truth, but still should it take away from the fact that the schools profit tremendously off the backs of these athletes. Shouldn’t they be allowed to spend their hard earned money as they choose?

Cowherd always prides himself on being a full-on believer in capitalism, so perhaps he’d be wise to hold strong to his beliefs and not suddenly flip-flop when it comes to the idea of young adults getting paid handsomely off their work.


After the article was initially published Colin Cowherd addressed it, in addition to a tweet I put out:

Colin did however, take issue with what he thought was a ‘racial angle’ he thought I attempted to put on the story. I sent him a series of tweets clarifying that absolutely no racial insinuations were made, my sole issue was that of dictating grown–albeit young adult’s lives about how they spend their money.

Colin clarified my words on his show and since apologized to me.

The big picture in all of this is don’t assume based on names–yes, the name of the website is: Black Sports Online, but believe it or not, the site and purpose of this article wasn’t to ‘race bait’. I was making a bigger argument on a topic I don’t even agree with, which is paying student athletes. But, if one is paid far be it for me or anyone else to tell someone how to spend their money.

Appreciative of Colin’s apology, and as I previously stated I don’t think his statement was wrong, just don’t agree with him flip-flopping on a stance which he seems to pride himself on.

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