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Crazy Tattoo Earns Kentucky Fan Tickets to National Title Game


About a month ago, Kentucky superfan Tyler Austin Black posted a picture on Twitter of a tattoo he got commemorating the 2014 National Champion Kentucky Wildcats.

The only issue of course being that a month ago, Kentucky was a mess. A team full of talented freshman that was struggling through a season that saw them ranked number one in the pre-season poll and fall all the way out. While it was a lock that UK would be getting an at-large bid into the tournament, nobody expected them to actually win the title. Except Black of course.


Now we’re a few hours from the national title game and Kentucky will face UConn with the opportunity of making a prophet out of Black. After being the recipient of much scorn, Tyler did an interview with CBS where he was informed he would be receiving tickets to the national title game. According to Black, he’s been to exactly one Kentucky game previously.

“The only seats I could afford are the nosebleeds, and if I gotta have bad seats, I’d rather just watch at home,” Black told USA Today.

Talk about a nice gift for loyalty to your team. If Kentucky comes through tonight and wins a national title, I’m going to have to contact Tyler and see if he has any guesses on some lottery numbers.