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Report: Derek Fisher Denies Being Targeted For Knicks Job

Derek Fisher denies reports of coaching

Derek Fisher is one of the classiest and smartest guys in the Association.

The 17-year veteran has played major roles in the NBPA and executive union. So it comes as no surprise to hear his former coach reach out to him about a position.

Derek Fisher already announced this would be his last season as a player, which begs the question of what’s next for Fisher?

Will he take the job offer from Phil? Well, if you let Fisher tell it, those reports about the Knicks job were completely inaccurate.

“I congratulated (Knicks president Phil Jackson) and we’ve spoken,” Fisher said. “But he hasn’t said anything to me about it, and I haven’t said anything to him about it. And so the reports that I have been reported to about, I’ve found them pretty funny myself because it’s not something that’s happened directly between the people that are being mentioned.”

“That is not in my radar or in my scope or anything that I’ve thought about, even coaching in general,” Fisher said. “I think I’ve been pretty consistent with not really having that decided in terms of what’s next, absolutely. I’m so committed to being a player that it’s even hard to see myself doing some other things in particular, coaching or something that puts me on the other side of the sideline so quickly. I have a lot of respect for the profession. I think there are a lot of great coaches and great men out there, and great women, that do a phenomenal job. But for me it’s just, I picked that number on my jersey for a reason. And until that’s concluded, I haven’t spent a lot of time in terms of what my definite pursuit’s going to be after that.”

I’m sure this topic will be revisited at the conclusion of the season.