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Report: NBA “Might” Change Playoff Format to Top 16 Teams


New NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, is talking more major changes to the league. We’ve already seen him speak on changes to the age limit, now, according to Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News, he’s talking shaking up the current eight-team playoff format.

In the tweet below, Monroe reports that Silver told Spurs broadcasters the NBA “might move” from eight to sixteen teams making the playoffs.

ESPN has also reported that Silver made it clear, in an interview with Malcolm Gladwell at the annual Sloan Conference on sports analytics, he enjoys the excitement of the NCAA tournament’s single-elimination style:

“By having a seven-game series, you reduce the randomness of the outcome,” Silver said. “I think what’s so exciting about college basketball — and I’m a huge college basketball fan– is the single-elimination tournament, the NCAA tournament. There, statistically, you’re gonna have a lot more upsets. So, I think for us, well, I have mixed views. In case of certain teams where star players were injured for a portion of the season or the team didn’t jell until later in the season, that team can become competitive, right? I like that idea” he said.

Either way, it sounds like Commissioner Silver is proposing giving us more NBA playoff basketball, so I know I’m not mad about it.