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Report: Woman Died Of Drug Overdose In House Purchased by Jim Irsay


Jim Irsay’s arrest for DWI and possession of prescription pills may be the least of his worries.

According to Tim Evans and Mark Alesia of the Indianapolis Star, the arrest came less than three weeks after a woman was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in a townhouse Irsay previously had given to her.

The woman, Kimberly Wundrum, 42, had a history of drug problems before she died March 1.  According to the Star, a police report determines that a plate with “white powder, straw, razor” were found in the townhouse, along with photographs of Irsay.

The Star report also raises the question of whether Irsay purchased the townhouse given to Wundrum with money flowing from Irsay’s ownership of the Colts.  Because he’s the sole owner of the team, the decision to divert funds for personal use won’t be a problem — unless, of course, charges incurred for personal endeavors were reflected as business expenses.

Wundrum’s sister, Rhonda Wundrum, who has worked as Irsay’s personal masseuse, said in an email her sister and Irsay were “former friends” but did not elaborate. A former neighbor of Kimberly Wundrum told The Star that Irsay sometimes visited Kimberly Wundrum, and that she once introduced the team owner to him.

“I cannot speak for them, and Kim cannot speak for herself,” Rhonda Wundrum said. “My sister was a kind, loving and gentle person who had a long struggle, and her attempts to rise above her struggles were not successful.”

Kimberly Wundrum was arrested twice on drug charges in the seven months before her death. She was arrested Aug. 30 in Miami County, Ohio, on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and felony drug possession. Police found her with 18 “nonprescribed Vicodin … and 0.6 grams of crushed, nonprescribed Adderall.”

Irsay reportedly had $29,000 in his possession when arrested, with the cash in a briefcase, his wallet, and laundry bags.  That dynamic has not yet been explained by Irsay or the Colts, and it hasn’t received the scrutiny from the media that perhaps it should.