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Adrien Broner Gives Homeless Man $1K (Video)


Now this is what I call “ballin” for real.

Adrien Broner has already rubbed so many people the wrong way, that no matter what good deeds he’s out in the world doing in-between fights, people will always want to focus on his arrogant attitude, or his insensitive comments involving Mexicans after his most recent bout with Carlos Molina.

However, people like me see the immense talent Broner has been blessed with, and basically are waiting for him to have that “light-bulb” moment to wake up and take his craft (and public behavior) to another level. It appears he may be turning a corner in humility, in this video posted by TMZ Sports.

While he could’ve taken the $1,000 dollars and gone on his usual shopping sprees and stunting performances, what he does with this wad of 100s is truly impressive, at least to me.

My favorite part of this video is the homeless gentleman’s reaction after receiving the money, pure disbelief. I only hope that he takes Broner’s advice and “does something nice with it”.

We know Adrien Broner is a fly, flashy, charismatic cat who is always going to march to the beat of his own drum, but I have a feeling we won’t see anymore borderline racist post fight interviews, and we can only pray that the humping of his opponents, during fights, has fallen by the waist-side as well.

Keep climbing A.B.