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Channing Crowder Says Cleveland Women Look Like Men

channing crowder

I had an ex-girlfriend who was from Akron, she was very pretty. This is all about Charles Barkley calling San Antonio women husky and saying LeBron should go back to Cleveland. Channing Crowder the former Dolphins turned radio house, went nuclear on the topic.

“Don’t badmouth Miami but sell Cleveland,” Crowder vehemently ranted on the Kup and Crowder Show on WQAM. “You can sell some towns. Don’t sell nasty, dirty, ugly, little Cleveland.”

“I would rather stare at myself in the mirror then look at the women in Cleveland. When you go to the game on Sunday, you look up in the crowd and you say ‘oh there’s all men at the game.’ Then you start looking closer and you say ‘damn I can’t tell the difference between the women and the men at Cleveland Browns games.’ It is ridiculous.”

“They call Jersey the armpit of America? Cleveland’s the anus of America, it’s the booty… and the little fans are little hemorrhoids all around the edge.”

Seems a bit harsh, Cleveland already dealing with a curse, so no need to go after their women. You can listen to the entire audio of the rant on