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Roy Hibbert Says He Doesn’t Get The Ball Enough



Roy Hibbert put in another classic night of work yesterday finishing with 0 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 fouls. There are times when he just looks lost out there and he has a theory on what might be going on. He isn’t getting enough touches and plays aren’t being called for him:

“The game plan really wasn’t to utilize me as much; I’m just trying to be effective as I can,” Hibbert said. “Would I like a little bit more touches early on? Yeah. But that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

“I can only control what I can control,” Hibbert said. “I can’t control plays called for me.”

Perhaps they didn’t call plays for him because he just hasn’t been consistently effective. He went on to say that if he can’t get looks, he just needs to be a good teammate but this isn’t accomplishing that goal. Plus, how does he explain his rebounding numbers because that can’t be explained by play calling.

This Pacers group just needs to stop giving quotes and work on getting better.