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World Cup Refs & Players Approached By Match Fixers



FIFA is an international event we are all looking forward too. While some of us are gearing up to a beautiful time in Brazil, officials are working hard in making sure the whole event goes off without a hitch.

From Bleacher Report, FIFA Security Chief Ralf Mutschke is doing everything in his power to make sure their are no scandals, including a match-fixing.

“We are not expecting fixers to be traveling to Brazil and knocking on the hotel door of players or referees, but I know there will have been approaches to players and referees,” Mutschke said

“I cannot tell you the teams we are watching most closely,” Mutschke told BBC. “I can’t tell you the groups which we are watching most closely. But I will say that England’s group is not the highest risk.”

Match-Fixing happens when gamblers get the opportunity to change the outcome of games. Teams or players with no gain in the games are usually the accomplices in these scenarios. Knowing that there are some people out there who are willing to change the outcome of games shouldn’t shock many fans. Lets just hope officials are making their rounds of keeping the game safe for everyone and a great one for fans.