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Wrong Order at Burger King Leads to Man Shooting Girlfriend’s Family

Brandon Hawkins Mugshot

You never know what will be the final straw to cause a person who is already on the edge to snap, in this case it was a wrong order at Burger King.

A Florida man was arrested Tuesday after authorities say he fatally shot a man , as well as shooting a 7-year-old boy – thankfully, the boy lived.

Brandon Hawkins has a long history of problems with his girlfriend’s family, but according to investigators, what finally pushed him over the edge was a sandwich from a Port St. Lucie Burger King.

‘The wrong sandwich was just another stressor in an already tense situation,’ Port St. Lucie Police Chief John Bolduc told reporters on Wednesday.

Authorities say Hawkins’ relationship with Jamie Young has been strained recently, and the issues he’s had with her family has been equally problematic.

About a year ago, Young’s brother fired a gun at Hawkins, police say, and on Tuesday Hawkins had gone to Young’s home looking for her brother.

‘There’s a long history in the family of gunplay,’ Port St. Lucie Police Lt. Scott Beck told WPBF.

About 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening, police say Hawkins went to Young’s home with a plan to kill her brother and than take his own life. Things didn’t go according to plan.

Rather than shooting Young’s brother, Hawkins ended up shooting her mother’s boyfriend, 69-year-old Levy Williams, and Young’s 7-year-old son, Emmanuel Morgan Jr. as he and his mother tried to run to a neighbor’s house to avoid the gunfire.

The found Hawkins at his second girlfriend’s house and he has been arrested on 1st degree murder charges.